Setting Aside A Pair Of Sore Feet (miss Patricias Heels) And A Broken Hand (a Steel Door That Got In The Way Of His Fist After A Frustrating Take), Mcavoys Performance Was Facilitated By The Militant Precision With Which Shyamalan Approaches His Movies.


He cites DID patients whose ability to hyperfocus allows them to play a piece by Beethoven after merely hearing it, and wonders if they might, in fact, represent untapped human potential. They can do things we cant, but are we calling that a disorder? Were the order? In the the last 15 years, Shyamalan read all of the medical literature he could get his hands on. McAvoy, meanwhile, did Pashmina his most meaningful research on YouTube, where many real-life DID patients keep video diaries. Its a tailor-made platform for a group of people with DID, he says, because they all get to project into the world: Im here. And these are my hopes and fears and dreams. And by the way, hes here now, and were all here, and its all of our body. Setting aside a pair of sore feet (Miss Patricias heels) and a broken hand (a steel door that got in the way of his fist after a frustrating take), McAvoys performance was facilitated by the militant precision with which Shyamalan approaches his movies. Unlike other directors for whom the script is a suggestion and the storyboard, if one exists, hardly referenced during production, a Shyamalan script is a bible and his storyboard a Rand McNally atlas. It sounds perverse, says McAvoy, but theres a freedom that comes with it because you stop trying to make the scene better and just try to do the scene as well as you can. Split may be deemed a comeback, but its something else, too: a rebranding.

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